About Dariane

I was born and raised in a small agricultural town in California’s central valley. My rock-guitar-playing sister is nine years younger than me, and my Filipino parents love singing and playing music every chance they can get.

I left my hometown to attend UCLA, but had a rough time adjusting to college life in a new city. After a few years of getting poor grades, dealing with personal issues, and having no general sense of motivation or direction, I sputtered to a halt and ultimately decided to leave the university.

While I was away, I worked in food service, interned for an internet start-up company, volunteered for a couple of media watchdog groups, tried to clean up my childhood home, moved to San Diego, and took a year-long trip to five different continents around the world.

As soon as I got back to the United States, I went back to school to complete my undergraduate education. I joined the radio department with the school newspaper. I somehow managed to get straight A’s. And 10 years after getting admitted to UCLA, I finally graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.

I take an interest in pop culture (e.g., film and television), race and ethnic relations in the United States, and consumption and organization. More broadly, and in true sociological form, I’m curious about issues of identity and the ways in which an individual both shapes and is shaped by society. I aspire to explore these themes through radio journalism, or non-fictional narrative in an audio format. In short, I want to talk with people about their experiences and share their stories on the radio, in hopes of gleaning a better understanding of the world in which we live and our place in it. And maybe along the way we can figure out how to make our world a little bit better.


About the Blog

Darianenabor.com began in 2009 when I interned for Jun Loayza. He bought the domain, hosted it, and made me blog. I had no idea what to write about in order to shape my “personal brand.” I had no focus and no organization to the blog, making me write sporadically and about seemingly random topics. When I finally found a focus I decided instead to start a new blog.

Then in August 2011, Jun turned over this domain to me and, well, it’s still a crapshoot for now.


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